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A new Czech bead that hit the US market in 2009 was the "peacock" bead.

The Czech beads come in an unlimited range of shapes. Czech glass beads peacock .  

His service is the peacock coating. Beadmakers bring him the beads and he coats them, using different chemicals. He starts off laying the beads on the bottom of the stencilled tray inside the coating machine. He pours the desired chemical into a tray above the beads and closes the lid to the machine. He turns the machine on and runs it for 20 -40 minutes, then opens it up, flips the beads over (if it calls for a two sided coating) and repeats the procedure. The stencil will create the desired pattern on the bead. Once the coating is applied, the bead is finished, and ready for sale.

There are two factories we know of who do the peacock coating in the shapes and patterns shown here, and certainly there must be more.

Stay posted for when we find the next new bead.

a very popular peacock daggers beads . we offer peacok daggers beads 5x16mm . 

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