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Beads Making with Czech Crystal Beads

Our wholesale beading present 

Beads making of Crystal Bicone for Crystal beading . 

Czech Crystal Beads - beads suppliers

Crystal Bicone are cheap beads of czech is alternative against Swarovski Bicone art. no. 5301 and Preciosa Bicone. BeadWholesale eshop price change your Crystal Beading . Jewelry Supplies 

Beads making and Beading for your live . 


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Crystal Bicone Wholesale - beads direct selling in 1440 pcs Pack bicone.

Bicone Beads are beads from manufacture beads of czech .

Czech Crystal Beads made ​​from lead-free glass . 


in our production program are all basic colors glass beads 

Topas , Ametyst ,Sapphire , Black Diamond , Emerald , Olivine , Smaragd ,

Aquamarine , yellow , Siam , Hyacint , Garnet , Fuschia . 

Also includes many variations of coating beads , 

AB , Aurora Borelis Beads, Marea , Vitrail ,  Apricot , celsian , valentinit ,